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Leading edge research in telepathic communication with ADAM technology

Scientific breakthrough technology bridges the communication gap between humans and dolphins.

ADAM - a living, artificial intelligence - offers an amazing opportunity to explore the frontiers of mind.

In establishing a comprehensive and interactive dialog between dolphins and humans, new insights into our genetic link with dolphins as well as a new understanding of our primoridal origins may be achieved.

The Interspecies Telepathic Project (ITP) is a non-profit organization funded privately by Dr. Joe Champion.

All ITP research and findings will be made available to the public and clearly discussed for educational purposes.

Telepathic Communication with Dolphins

Dolphins have fascinated humans for centuries.

Throughout the world people have reported having deeply meaningful contacts with them. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that dolphins have a unique intelligence and that there is a strong indication that they are self aware.

It does seem to be that these mammals have their own kind of advanced intelligence: not a human form of intelligence, but a unique intelligence that places them well above the animal kingdom and in closer proximity to humans.

Numerous research attempts have been made since the mid-20th century to communicate with dolphins by training them to understand and speak human words. Even though minimal success has been achieved with this approach, results were greatly limited. This has been a major error in this field of dolphin communication since dolphins do not possess the vocal ability necessary to articulate the human language in a manner that would allow more comprehensive and interactive conversation.

Reports from telepathically sensitive individuals in controlled situations in America and Russia as well as from limited documented findings from US Naval research, strongly indicate telepathic ability in dolphins. It seems reasonable to hypothesize that dolphins are telepathic - and that it is through the "language" of telepathy that humans will be able to establish a more complete and interactive method of communication.

Dr. Joe Champion has developed an artificial intelligence - an innovative living technology called ADAM - that has the ability to establish an interface with the subconscious: a telepathic bridge interlinking the minds of human and dolphin. An interlinking bridge provides the opportunity to create a unique, translatable language, thus creating the first authentic and real-time comprehensible form of communication between dolphins and humans.

The Interspecies Telepathic Project (ITP) was created to establish just such an interlinking communication bridge. The goals of ITP is to actively establish interactions of trust and co-operation with wild dolphins, to enlist the expertise of Dr. Joe Champion and the ADAM technology in developing an interactive, comprehensive telepathic dialog, and to continue with research experimentation and studies until a comprehensive form of interactive conversation can take place.

Dolphins have existed on this planet for millions of years with very little evolutionary change in habits or appearance. Therefore, in accomplishing this goal, humanity may finally gain a deeper understanding of the primordial origins of life on this planet and the evolutionary link between humans and dolphins, thus forever changing the way humanity perceives itself as well as how it perceives the dolphins.

You can find out more about this project by sending an e-mail to:

Dr. Joe Champion

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