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Extraordinary Egg ~ Solving the Mystery

Dear reader:

Below you will find a summary of the results from readers who participated in the "survey" regarding the three photos of the extraordinary "egg" shown on the previous page.

There were far too many responses for me to post them all as I had orginally planned. Consequently, summarizing the lot seemed to be the best way to go.

First of all, it's important to know that there seems to be no correct answer at this time as to it's actual origin, maker, age or what the object is specifically. Therefore, those who submitted their viewpoint were neither wrong nor right, although a few seemed a little closer to accuracy.

However, what became quite interesting upon viewing the collection of responses was that certain similarities in viewpoints emerged.

Considering that the readers were asked to simply "intuit" or trust their "hunches" or "imagination", the results were thought provoking and one has to wonder why so many people came up with similar viewpoints.

About all that we CAN be sure of regarding this "egg" is that is it a fossilized skull that became embedded in a mineral deposit which eventually developed into agate or onyx-like stone over a very long period of time.

Whatever else this object may be is in the following compilation of theory, educated synopsis and intuition.

Diving in ....

It seems certain that the skull is not human. In fact, it is highly likely that the life-form cannot be assessed accurately.

The angle of the skull often fools people. In looking at the photos, the skull is not at a face-on angle: instead, it appears that the upper cranium is embedded within the stone with the lower portion missing: jaw bone, teeth, or other bony protuberances like a nose.

In fact, the "slice" through the skull that separated its lower portion seems to extend from an area above the "eyes", through the "sinus cavity", severing the upper-most end of the spinal column as it enters the medulla oblongata/cerebellum and out to the end of the occipital region of the skull.

Visualize placing the "face" on the "egg" as face down and then imagine the skull and brain embedded within the stone and you will get a fair idea of the angle of the "slice" through the skull.

Embedded in the stone is the major portion of the skull that housed the "brain" - and possibly an important brain - that may have had advanced intelligence. Why? By observing the way the skull bulges round and far out over the "eyes" and the way the occipital region in the rear swells out.

The front of the brain where the cerebral cortex resides involves motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, planning, judgement, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior. Large frontal lobes is usually an indication of a brain that is extremely well-developed in these abilities - far more than the average human being.

The back of the brain is where the occipital and cerebellum region resides is responsible for vision, co-ordinaton and skill in movement. Since the "eyes" or the remainder of eye -sockets seem to have once housed very large eyes, this would seem to relate to the well-developed occipital region.

What is also interesting about this "egg" is that there are certain patterns on the side and back that are too symmetrical to have been formed accidentally by nature. It seems likely that some one had to have crafted it. But by whom and with what methods? Considering that this is a fossilized skull that is likely hundreds or thousands of years old - or possibly far older - what kind of techniques and processes were available back then that could have produced this object?

The Most Common Impression ....

The number one impression that the majority of viewers received about this object was that it is "alien" or "extraterrestrial" in nature; that it is "not of this earth"; brought here by "star people"; that it is likely many thousands of years old - maybe millions; that it has been used as a ritual or ceremonial object; that it has a powerful effect on its keeper or its viewer.

Personally, in addition to sensing an "alien" vibe, I also received the word "nemesis" when contemplating this object. Afterward, Greta - the owner of the "egg" - described her life as becoming quite chaotic in a number of ways: as if the unfoldment of life events seemed to have speeded up in an uncomfortable way.

Interestingly, a number of viewers also felt some discomfort with this object and made remarks like "evil", "malice", "sinister", "malevolent", "spells and curses", "eerie", and "dark energy".

One reader made an astute observation that "if this were a 'good' object, why would the chief have given it away... particularly to a white (I assume) woman.....?" and went on to say that it was possible "the chief was glad to get rid of it... but couldn't just throw it away.... he had to pass it along, to someone..... to an un-suspecting someone".

How intriguing......

I believe that since this object does seem to possess certain qualities that can accelerate a person's growth to the point of overwhelm that it could be interpreted as trouble-making - simply because most people don't want to grow too fast. However, intense growth periods can literally be initiations. So in that respect, this object is undoubtedly transformational as a number of readers pointed out.

Then again, it may very well be a "nemesis" in the literal sense: "nemesis" meaning that there may have been an occurrence involving some injustice surrounding the soul of that skull which intends to inflict retribution or vengeance.

We will probably never know for sure.

Interestingly, simply by observing the photos some viewers remarked that they felt "weird", "dizzy", "frightened", "extremely uncomfortable" and described a variety of physical impressions - even pain - in various parts of the body. There was even the suggestion that I should get rid of the photos.

HOWEVER .... not all observations were negative.

On the contrary, many described the "egg" as a very beautiful work of art, sent by the angels, a God-send, divine, sacred, powerful for dreams and divination and a source used to initiate astral travel and entry into other dimensions.

Quite a number of folks described their observation of the object to be a heart-opening experience and felt pleasant chills, tingling sensations and warm, inviting energy.

Other commonly noted observations were as follows:

Before Time
Navigational Tool
Time Travel
Fertility Symbol
Divine Feminine
Mother Earth
Primordial origins
Alter-Dimensional Origins
Ostrich Egg
Faberge' Egg
Paper Weight
Door Stop

Even though the mystery of the Extraordinary Egg still remains a mystery for the most part, it is up to you what you make of it. You decide!

Egg is approximately 10-inches high

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