Extraordinary Egg ~ Solving the Mystery

Dear reader:

Below you will find three photos of the extraordinary "egg". These photos were submitted to me by Greta of New Zealand about two years ago with a request that I use my clairvoyant sensitivities to tell her what the "egg" really is and where it originally came from.

I did ... and my "analysis" apparently matched similar statements made by others.

Since then, I've kept this "egg" a secret except for showing it to a few select individuals. And since then, I've lost touch with Greta and do not know what became of her or the unusual "egg". (I hope that one of my viewpoints about this "egg" was not the reason why Greta seems to have disappeared!) Perhaps someone who reads this may know of her whereabouts and will write to me.

And so, dear reader, I am curious to know if you may come up with some interesting ideas as to what this is. I already know what it is. However, I'm interested to find out if anyone reading this may gain similar insights.

First of all, the "egg" stands approximately 10-inches tall. It was given to Greta by an African chief while she was involved in research near his village. The story goes that a young boy of the village found it in the jungle.

Greta has been offered large sums of money for this egg. However, at the time we spoke, she had not wanted to part with it.

My questions are below. Please pay attention to any thing you may first receive about the egg, even if it seems too far fetched and hard to believe. Trust your hunches and your imagination!

1) What is your first reaction when you see the egg in the photos below?
2) What are your first impressions, feelings, thoughts, intuitive hunches, etc?
3) Where do you think it truly originated?
4) How old do you think it is?

At the end is an e-mail link that you can click on which opens up a page for you to write and send me your viewpoint. PLEASE - keep your responses as brief as possible since I will be receiving a lot of e-mails about this. Once I've collected enough responses, I will post some of them in a future newsletter and will only add your first name - not your last name. If you do not want a name submitted at all - please let me know that you wish to remain anonymous.

I will include my original "analysis" along with the others in that future newsletter. It will be very interesting to see how many receive the same impressions. Please feel free to involve your friends or anyone who may shed more light on this intriguing puzzle.

Thank you very much ~ and enjoy the mystery!

Egg is approximately 10-inches high


1) What was your first reaction when you saw the egg?
2) What were your first impressions, feelings, thoughts, intuitive hunches, etc?
3) Where do you think the egg truly originated?
4) How old do you think it is?

PLEASE ~ keep your responses as brief as possible. Thank you!

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